Royal Marine Hotel AV Project

The Royal Marine Hotel invited Pemberley Audio Visual Solutions to design & install an integrated Audio Visual system that would replace their existing analogue video and audio system.

Our goal was to deliver a cost saving by eliminating the need to hire AV rental companies that were a necessity previously.


Key Solutions

HD Cabling upgrade | High Definition Projection | Managed Control System | Audio

Services Provided

Audio Visual Design & Build including Video Conferencing & Room Control

Year of Completion


Product Brands

Audio - AUDAC

Visual - Panasonic

Control - Kramer Video Matrix & AMX

Audio Visual Project Description

Pemberley integrated a HD signal over twisted pair cable solution that would allow Analogue and HDMI to be used simultaneously and replace the analogue cabling.

HD projectors were used to ensure the full benefit of the HD cabling was realised.

A full refit of speakers and amplifiers with some audio tuning delivered a crisp sound while allowing volume loud enough to ensure full coverage of the large venue space.

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